Selected work for call Biotop in Salzburg

I’m very happy to announce that the concept for my new work ‚Woodscape‘ is selected at the Biotop call by Sweet Spot / Mozarteum Salzburg.

The piece will let you experience the acoustic lifecycle of a tree in 10-15 min. Beginning with the sprouting of a seed, which can be compared to the Big Bang of a Tree. To the growing process and sucking water sounds through the bark, until insects and fungi invade the tree and let the tree become a biotop in itself. In the end, the process of drying wood and rotten material will take over and enables the tree to dissolve back into its surroundings.

The call:


Biotope (Greek βίος bíos, life, and τοπος tópos, place) is commonly referred to as the habitat of various animal and plant species. A soundscape could be viewed as an acoustic inventory of a living space, i.e. as a kind of acoustic biotope.

We cordially invite international composers and sound artists of all ages to submit concepts for sound installations that deal with the topic of “acoustic biotopes”. Four concepts will be selected from the submissions, which will then be presented as a sound installation in June 2021 in the Mirabell Garden in Salzburg as part of the Sweet Spot – Lounge for electro-acoustic music series. A 16-channel loudspeaker system is available for this, which is integrated into the garden architecture of the Orangery Garden.