Re: Newspapers is an augmented newspaper that aims to show how news is presented across the world.

Influenced by the Internet, the form and function of news reading has nowadays drastically changed. People can read real-time online news from all over the world: this results in a seemingly flat, homogeneous, globalized news feed. However, although the news content is becoming increasingly globalized, the way news is presented still widely varies among different countries and cultures.

The project Re: Newspapers aims to expand the viewer’s awareness of the differences and similarities in the ways news is presented across the globe. The news content is taken from the World Wide Web and channeled to a blank physical newspaper. By interacting with this newspaper, viewers can geographically browse through the current news feeds from a variety of countries.

Produced by V2_Lab: with Sebastian Frisch, Alessandro del Gallo, Jan Misker, Boris Debackere