Pangani in Ritual is a synesthetic live performance,

which explores possibilities to add more sensorial layers to a music performance.

The current system uses:

Up to 8 speakers, which are spread around the concert space, to spatialise the sound. An intuitive touch control system enables me to animate sound movements through space.

A custom built 500W RGB LED environment light system, to dip the whole space into colourful light.

Vaporised essential oil compositions. Each musical piece has a specific essential oil mixture, created in a collaboration with the wonderful Rahel Frisch. A ultrasonic diffusor is used to spread the scents around the space.

Pangani in Ritual is a synaesthetic live performance, which explores possibilities to add additional sensorial layers to Pangani’s music performance.

Real world environments are perceived through an interplay of sensorial impulses, which form the impression of a space. For example, during a daytime walk through a forest, one can smell the trees, see the scenery in its colours and hear the spatial forest soundscape. Those and many more sensorial stimuli play a massive role in ones spatial immersion.In the Pangani in Ritual shows, I use music as basis to compose multi-sensorial environments. Composition rules are mainly made by intuition and guided by ideas of color theory, spatial hearing and essential oil body effects.


Color sequences are composed within Ableton Live. Automation lines for the colors red, green and blue, set the light intensity of each LED color channel. This method enables me to create specific light situations for each musical scene .

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