3rd Prize at Border Sessions Award 2017

I won the 3rd Prize at the Border Sessions Award 2017 for my research into our world of noises!


Congratz to Ermi van Oers, with her Living Light, a high-tech lamp that gets it energy from electron-emitting bacteria in the root system of the plant. And Daan Luijning with his project to create sustainable alternatives for live-stock based food.

Some more infos here: https://www.bordersessions.org/award/

„In ‘Our world of noises’, Sebastian Frisch will let you experience his artistic explorations in (bio)acoustic processes. In his installations the audience can listen to a dialogue of young corn plants or the sonic universe of a detailed crackling slice of pine wood. His instrument ‘foleyboard’ contains a sound reactive wooden surface, on which all kind of natural objects are used to shape sonic landscapes. This lecture performance will take you on a journey of tiny sounds, which are often covered by the noises of our daily life.“